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John Stamps is going through it.

Through a storm of late nights and sleepless mornings, he wrote the material found on Old Habits Die Hard, a personalized look into the psyche of a man at odds with his desires and his circumstances.

Charismatic tracks like ‘CBGB’ and ‘Yea Yea’ get the blood pumping for a night of raising hell but then Stamps swings in with a hard left sits you down on the couch and gives you ‘Bowl of Oranges’ and ‘Sad Kid Cudi’, each track a comforting hug. This fresh offering from Stamps feels like a ride-along, a day in his life: one chaotic night-spun-into-slow-morning spent with a man who is equal parts appreciative of what he has and hungry for more.

With ‘CNN’ Stamps invites the listener deeper into his space and details the turmoil he’s left behind and the turmoil left to come. Stamps’ transparency has infused the tracks on ‘OHDH’ with a level of heart, truth, and grit that are only found among the works of true craftspeople, dedicated to operating with intent and clarity of vision. What’s clear however after listening to ‘OHDH’ is that Stamps is working for himself and no one else.

‘Old Habits Die Hard’ drops November 9th.

John Stamps is a 28 year old singer/songwriter from Indiana. His new Hip Hop and Pop-inspired records are full of intimate charismatic lyrics depicting a style and state of mind that is all his own. Stamps’ funky heartland charm comparable to Bruce Springsteen, if the Boss spit bars, ate more acid and wasn’t afraid to wear his girlfriend’s clothes.

John has opened for International touring artists such as:

MGK, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, Danny Brown, Sada Baby,    EN VOGUE, Waka Flocka FLAME, Mick Jenkins, Pouya, SHORELINE MAFIA, $uicide Boys and more.

New Music Video!

John Stamps released “Yea Yea” on Spotify and Apple Music. And the “Yea Yea” music video was released less than a week later. 

Featured Album: Dark Age

With new singles available now, listen to the latest album from John Stamps. Enjoy new rap music from the hardest working, blue-collar rapper in the game.

John Stamps Rapping on Horseback

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