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America's Throwback 2000s Party DJ
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John Stamps: America’s Best 2000s Revival DJ

John Stamps is America’s best DJ for 2000s parties at nightclubs and event venues across the United States. Stamps’ signature 2000s dance parties have been a success in Austin & Nashville where he has established recurring gigs at some of the top nightclubs.

John Stamps delivers events that satisfies the cultural demand for nostalgic hits. With a decade of experience in the music industry, John Stamps knows his way around a mic & DJ booth.

John has opened for International touring artists such as:

MGK, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, Danny Brown, Sada Baby,    EN VOGUE, Waka Flocka FLAME, Mick Jenkins, Pouya, SHORELINE MAFIA, $uicide Boys and more.

Best 2000's CLub Event DJ

Book American’s best 2000s club event party DJ. John Stamps regularly DJs at nightclubs in America’s biggest music scenes like Nashville,TN & Austin, TX. Nightclubs everywhere are booking John Stamps to host a 2000s music and nostalgia event that people will remember.

John Stamps Rapping on Horseback

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Nightclubs and music venues nationwide are booking John Stamps to host nostalgia parties. When you book John Stamps, guests will enjoy nostalgic hip-hop music powered by John Stamps’ Signature Vibes.

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